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We are in the process of moving data from Google Wave to Obsidian Portal. The Adventure Log is full of raw text dumped from Wave for updates 0-12. Check out Updates 13 & 14, though; I have purged them of game mechanics and OOC text. The barricade battle is some pretty boring reading, but it picks up after that. I intend to give the older updates a similar treatment as soon as possible. Feel free to beat me to it if you wish.

In a similar vein, I am working on bringing all the NPCs over from the NPC Dossier Wave.

Current action is in the Forums. All the players are in now, so you should be able to have it email the next player’s turn automatically after you do your turn.

Let’s chat in the forum a bit about how this is/isn’t working for you, so we can all get the thing shaped the way that works best for us.

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